Paragliding training center SRB.ATO-210 at Zlatibor, Serbia offers courses for paragliding pilots, tandem pilots, instructors, and mentor training.

   At the end of 2019, together with my friends, we decided to operate as an independent ATO organization in 2020, and for that purpose, we created the Operational and Training Manual, which is also necessary for all such organizations and is a holy book.

     At the beginning of February 2020, we are in the procedure of verifying the organization at the Directorate of Civil Aviation, and the expected completion time of the entire procedure is from the middle of February 2020. So very soon the first pilots will be registered under our own name :)

     The COVID-19 situation and the lockdown slightly extended the inspection, but not the ultimate goal. From April 2021 only and officially SRB.ATO-210.

The official name of the training center is the Pilot and Instructor Training Center "Extreme Sports" and it is registered under the code: SRB.ATO-210, the organization and instructors have their seals, and for legal affairs, they use the legal entity Sports Association "Extreme Sports" from Arilje.

The organization of the sessions in our ATO organization differs in the assistant instructors. That is the additional function of people who are engaged as non-medical personnel or flight personnel and whose task is to be at the instructor's hand, especially when dealing with several students at the same time. And at the same time that they are trained for all kinds of help from logistics to help in setting up the glider...

The director of the center is: Aleksandar Ćirković, SRB.0001/0970 (Responsible manager and training manager)

The instructors at the center are: Aleksandar Ćirković, SRB.0001/0970, and Slobodan Maletić, SRB.0063/1437

The assistant as flight staff is: Bogdan Bundalo SRB.0053/1413

Assistants as non-flight personnel are: Milan Jeftić from Sevojna and Zoran Bojović from Arilje

The training center is capable of carrying out paraglider pilot training, tandem pilot retraining, and ning and paragliding instructor training.
Our training center are equiped by people.
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